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Bump Caps

If you’re looking for bump caps for yourself or your team, take a look at the range offered by My Safety Gear. We have the UK’s most carefully considered selection of comfortable and effective bump caps.

The purpose of a bump cap is to offer protection against accidental bumps to the head: particularly minor impacts that occur when bumping into stationery objects.

The My Safety Gear Bump Caps Range

There are some work environments in which you’re not required to wear a hard hat but where some level of head protection is nonetheless required or recommended. That’s where lightweight, comfortable bump caps are ideal.

Bump caps are often more breathable than hard hats, and lighter too. They’re worn, for example, by mechanics around vehicles, by baggage handlers at airports, by personnel working in confined spaces, as well as in food processing and in many manufacturing and assembly plants.

Whether a bump cap represents the correct level of protection for the work you’re doing will depend on a number of factors and you should check with your qualified safety advisor. If a bump cap is appropriate for your workplace, you’re bound to find a comfortable and effective one at My Safety Gear. Our range from JSP Safety and Portwest is second to none.

We offer bump caps with an array of features to choose from, including water-repellence, reflective/hi-vis properties, mesh air-flow vents, and more. So, if a bump cap is the head protection item you need, select from our extensive range. If you need any help, feel free to give us a call. We’re always happy to be of assistance!
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