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Cut Resistant Gloves

If your work environment presents a risk of your hands being exposed to cuts and slashes, you’ll need to wear cut resistant gloves.

My Safety Gear offers a great range of cut resistant gloves from Uvex, Honeywell, Ansell and Portwest, to suit a wide variety of workplaces.

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The My Safety Gear Cut Resistant Gloves Range

My Safety Gear stocks various different categories of cut resistant gloves, designed to tackle a range of different hazards. If your hands are exposed to glass, blades, metal, sharp rubble, mechanical components or other sharp objects which potentially pose a cut risk, you’ll find suitable cut resistant gloves here. Top brands such as Uvex, Honeywell, Ansell and Portwest all feature in our cut resistant gloves range.

If you wear cut resistant gloves which are appropriate to the type of work you’re doing, you’ll minimise the risk of damaging your hands. That’s why it’s crucial that you choose the correct cut resistant gloves.

Take into account the sorts of tools and materials that you’re likely to be handling and choose cut resistant gloves offering the correct level of protection for your work. Different cut resistant gloves have different safety ratings, and knowing the safety rating applicable to your work is essential when selecting your cut resistant gloves. Durability, ventilation, grip and dexterity should influence your choice too. Cut resistant gloves, whilst protecting your hands against sharp items, should also permit you to work unhindered.

My Safety Gear’s knowledgeable team are available to help you make the right choice. Click on the products to compare cut resistance levels and other features. If you are then still not sure which cut resistant gloves are best suited to your working conditions, give us a call and we’ll guide you to the most suitable products.
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