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Chainmail Gloves

Protect your hands in the workplace with the selection of chainmail gloves featured in My Safety Gear’s range of hand protection products. From leading specialists such as Portwest, hand protection like no other.

Chainmail gloves offer a high level of cut-protection because they’re made from tightly woven metal ringlets. The thick protective barrier works by catching the tips of knives, serrated edges and other dangerously sharp objects in the chainmail before they can reach the skin. Since chainmail gloves’ metal is so strong and resistant to cutting, the wearer’s hand stays protected in situations in which a leather or fabric glove would be penetrated quite easily.

The My Safety Gear Chainmail Gloves Range

Chainmail gloves are designed for use in environments such as butcheries and other meat processing facilities. My Safety Gear’s hand protection range features chainmail gloves from universally trusted PPE specialists Portwest.

Chainmail gloves are rarely worn as a pair. In fact, they’re ambidextrous: the single chainmail glove is worn on the hand which isn’t wielding the knife, to protect the exposed hand against cuts and slashes. Chainmail gloves are manufactured from stainless steel and have no straps. Instead, there’s a clip fastening for improved hygiene, to reduce the build-up of harmful bacteria.

As well as chainmail gloves, we offer chainmail gauntlets, which offer outstanding protection of the forearm as well as the hand. If you need advice on the chainmail product which is right for your purposes, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We supply a handy chainmail accessory, too: ask us about our tensioners, which ensure a secure fit and thereby reduce the risk of slipping and sagging of the glove.
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