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Safety Sandals

If your line work dictates that you wear safety footwear, but the climate cries out for sandals, take a look at the safety sandals range available at My Safety Gear.

We’re official stockists of the sought-after Portwest brand. The range of styles will impress you, as will the comfort and protection offered by high quality safety sandals. At My Safety Gear, you’ll find the safety sandals that will protect your feet and let them breath!

The My Safety Gear Safety Sandals Range

If you work in a hot climate, or in otherwise sweltering conditions, and your job involves wearing safety shoes for hours on end, you’ll want to wear comfortable safety sandals. No matter where your job takes you around the globe, and regardless of the challenges of your work, we’re confident that that you’ll discover your perfect protective footwear in My Safety Gear’s great range of safety sandals.

However hot it gets in your workplace, safety sandals from My Safety Gear will let your feet breath whilst keeping them protected. Our carefully selected range, which includes the best from top safety footwear experts Portwest, boasts such features as breathable uppers and hook & loop fasteners. My Safety Gear’s safety sandals afford maximum comfort with optimum protection.

Whether you work in a hot climate or in a high-temperature enclosed environment, we have safety sandals to keep your feet feeling fresh whilst you get on with your work. If you want cool yet snug and safe feet, you’ll want safety sandals, and My Safety Gear’s reasonably priced range won’t disappoint you. We’re one of the UK’s leading safety footwear specialists.

The My Safety Gear team will be happy to help you choose the safety sandals best suited to your needs. So if you need any help or advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re here to help you. Call us right now and we’ll give you a guided tour of our safety sandals range.
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