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Environmental Protection

My Safety Gear stocks a carefully selected range of environmental protection products for indoor and outdoor sites, and encompasses spill kits for dealing with all sorts of fluid spills, including the mopping up of harmful substances such as acids and solvents.

The selection features products from one of the UK’s leading safety equipment providers, Portwest.

The My Safety Gear Environmental Protection Range

Our environmental protection range includes spill kits which are supplied in waterproof packaging so that they can be stored outdoors; there are reinforced pads and socks for enhanced fluid retention; and we offer a kit that includes a polyethylene bin.

Please browse our environmental protection range, and if you’re unable to find the spill kits or related products that you require, don’t hesitate to give us a call or drop us a line.

My Safety Gear’s environmental protection range, featuring products from industry leader Portwest, offers you everything you need to deal quickly and efficiently with spills. Spill kits are designed to contain and mop up large amounts of spilled or leaked fluid, including oils, acids and solvents. As well as for the direct protection of personnel, spill kits and similar products are designed with maximum environmental protection in mind. They’re suitable for dealing with multiple fluid types and they work by soaking up the fluid, thanks to the highly absorbent materials they’re made from. Portwest spill kits can be relied upon, since they’re made from the best, tried and tested materials available on the market, and they contain the most effective cleaning products to tackle a variety of different contaminants. Browse the choice of spill kits in our environment protection range and if you require any advice before purchasing, you’re very welcome to get in touch. The My Safety Gear team are here to help.
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