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Himalayan Safety footwear has a long history of designing and manufacturing high quality safety footwear for the UK market without a high price tag.

‘Himalayan’s footwear is used and trusted by some of the largest employers in the UK. We are all about delivering style and quality to the UK workforce coupled with a determination to provide excellent customer service to our stockists.

By using high quality materials and modern features, Himalayan’s footwear offers comfort, protection, and a long wear life, ideal for the changeable conditions we have in the UK!

Himalayan let’s #GOwork…’

My Safety Gear teamed up with Briggs Safety Wear/ Himalayan In October 2019 and the relationship between both companies has massively grown over the last year. We believe that Himalayan boots are great quality, design and price points which is why we offer Himalayan to all of our customers over any other brand of footwear. We are able to offer boots at different price points and styles to suit what the customer is looking for.

The safety boots Himalayan have to offer include some key features such as SRC Slip Resistant, Heat Resistant, Steel Toe Cap, Steel Midsole, Waterproof, Anti-static sole & midsole. They also offer metal free safety boot options.

We now supply some very popular boots to our loyal customers who have given great feedback on the brand and the footwear.

Customer 1 ‘The boots looks great and feels great’

Customer 2 ‘The 5250 is a firm favourite and extremely comfortable’

Some of the most popular boots we are currently supplying to our customers are the following:

  • 5250 Honey Nubuck Safety Boot
  • 5209 #Storm Boot
  • 4103 Gravity Nubuck Safety Boot in both Black & Brown.
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